SureMath Updates May 15, 2017 By John

The First SureMath Competition is now open for registrations!

We are happy to announce the SureMath Summer 2017 Online Competition!

This competition will consist of two math contests for 2-8 graders. The 1st Contest period is May 15, 2017 - July 27, 2017 and the 2nd Contest period will last from July 1, 2017 to July 29, 2017. All you need to be joined, is to register in the stated contests’ dates. 

The SureMath team has created mind stretching contests for students of different math skills levels. Students will be surprised by the contest questions creativity and the way they are presented.

SureMath is also an efficient way for teachers to prepare students for math olympiads or exams, motivating them with new technologies and competitive spirit. User-friendly interface helps teachers to easily manage and analyze the statistics of students’ competition success. So, you are welcome to register your dream team! 

Students, be ready to prove your math skills and show your strong sides!
Teachers, enjoy your students’ success and competition process supervising
...and let’s start!

 We wish everybody good luck!


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